Champlain Village key features

Solid construction, a choice of different unit types, large window areas, choice of flooring and wall colours, individual electrical meters for each unit, grab bars in the bathrooms, attached garages with outlets for block heaters, soundproofing between apartment which exceeds building code requirements.

The Cluster Home Development is the result of the effort of the Champlain Village of Cobden to provide housing to persons 55 years of age and over in the Cobden area.
With the Cluster Homes concept, Champlain Village (CV) is using a new funding vehicle, in that no government funding or subsidies will be used or made available.
CV will provide, develop, and maintain the facilities on the CV complex site, but the occupants will provide the capital for construction. The monthly maintenance fee will include only costs related to maintenance, administration, and charges for operating expenses.
CV is committed to providing ongoing management services which should enable the occupants to enjoy their Cluster Homes, as well as the amenities offered by Logos Land Resort, in an independent lifestyle.

Right to Occupy:
Persons become participants in the Cluster Home Project by purchasing a Right to Occupy Agreement. This Right to Occupy Agreement does not convey full or partial ownership of the Real Estate. It does entitle the occupants to live in their own home at a low monthly charge which contains no capital cost component.
The Right to Occupy Agreement also entitles the occupants to use and enjoy the Cluster Home of their choice as long as they are able or wish to do so.
It is recognized that over the years the cost of housing may increase or decrease. This may result in the value of the Right to Occupy increasing or decreasing. It is the plan of the CV Board to ensure that the occupants who have helped make the Cluster Homes possible will also have the opportunity to share with CV these increases or decreases.

Philosophy of the Champlain Village of Cobden:
  • to provide housing accommodation from a Christian Perspective
  • to provide facilities, services and programs from a non-profit perspective
  • to encourage persons 55 years of age and over to live independently with supportive services as they may be required

Benefits & Advantages of Cluster Homes:
  • Independent housing accommodation with freedom from the worries of property management and maintenance
  • A sense of ownership and security of tenure
  • Spacious, convenient and comfortable units
  • Relatively low initial cost
  • A minimum monthly charge because you supply the capital
  • Assurance you will benefit if occupancy values appreciate
  • A sense of community with the other members of the "CV Family"
  • A part of the continuum of care provided by the total Logos Land complex of facilities and services
  • Access to the facilities and programs of Logos Land Resort
  • One storey convenience, easy access to outdoors, lawns, gardens and trails
  • Indoor parking
  • Easy access to the businesses and services of the larger community
  • Golf next door at the Oaks of Cobden, a prestige 18 hole golf course
  • A sense of participation and identification with the goals and objectives of the CV organization
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