On-site Food

The Grill House is located in Roaring Rivers Waterpark and is open the same hours as the Waterpark (weather permitting). There are also plenty of picnic tables in shaded areas for you to enjoy your lunch.  Food served typically includes the following:
Hot Food
Cheese Munchers
Chicken Burger 
Chicken Burger Platter 
Chicken Chips 
Chicken Fingers 
Chicken Finger Platter 
French Fries 
Hot dog - 6" 
Hot dog Combo 
Nacho & cheese 
Onion rings
Sausage on a bun

Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Two Bite Brownies
Cotton candy 
Nestle Novelty Ice Cream 

Juice - 473 ml 
Milk (white or choc) - small (250ml) 
Milk (white or choc)- medium (500ml) 
Pop - 500 ml bottle 
slush - small 
slush - medium
slush - large
Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate 
Water - 500 ml bottle