Rules for Use of Roaring Rivers Waterpark

1. Lifeguards and staff must be obeyed at all times. Your safety is important to us and the lifeguards are 
responsible for the safety of all of our guests. 

2. Wristbands are issued to all paid sliders and must be worn for the duration of your visit. Failure to 
comply with the safety regulations, endangering self or others, may result in the removal of the band and 
denial of activities. 

3. Smoking is prohibited inside the fenced Water park area. Be kind to bare feet. 

4. No glass containers are permitted inside the waterslide area. 

5. No alcohol is permitted on the grounds. 

6. Expectant mothers may NOT ride the waterslides. 

7. Stereos, radios, etc. are not permitted in the park. Your musical preferences may not be the choice of others. 

8. Bathing Attire: Please remember the family atmosphere promoted at Logos Land when choosing your 
bathing attire. Cut off jeans and shorts with metal fasteners, buckles and zippers are not permitted on the 
slides. The fiberglass becomes scratched, and in turn, injures sliders. 

9. Jewelry should be left at home as we ask that you do not wear it while sliding. Should jewelry become 
lost, we cannot retrieve it, and it does serious damage to the slides. There are a few security lockers 
available. Locks can be rented for $2 along with a $10 deposit. 

10. BBQ’s and camp stoves are not permitted in the park, again for bare foot safety. We do have a fenced 
in area for your BBQ to be set up should you desire to bring one. 

11. Food and beverages are prohibited on the pool apron, red zone. 

12. Please walk on the cement areas and paved walkways. Running causes falls and scrapes. 

13. Please exit the pool immediately after splash down. No swimming or diving. 

14. Please approach a lifeguard if First Aid is required. 

15. Remember that the mini-golf course is NOT a driving range. Putters are not for long shots! 

16. Logos Land staff does NOT supervise the wading beach and playground. These activities may suggest 
the attendance of a group leader or supervising adult. 

17: Sliding Rules: ​​
  • Life jackets and Puddle Jumpers are not permitted on the water slides (water wings/arm floaties are permitted) 
  • No bunching or chaining of riders permitted (no double riding – parents are not permitted to ride 
           on the slide with their child) 
  • No riders may slide head first or in chains. 
  • Before sliding remove eye glasses and all jewelry (watches, rings, etc…) 
  • Lifeguards indicate the timing to sliders, to avoid collisions and accidents. 
  • No person shall dive, run, stand, kneel, rotate, or stop in the slides 
  • Hands must be kept inside the slides 
  • Sliders must exit pool immediately after splashdown 
  • The kiddie slides have a weight restriction of 60 lbs. As the name indicates, they are provided for 
           the use of the little ones, and are well attended by qualified staff 
  • Riders under 54” must be able to swim unassisted to use the Giant Slides. Parents are NOT 
           permitted to catch their children (water wings are permitted) 

18. Water Trampoline Rules: 
  • Wristband is required for use of trampoline. 
  • Four people are allowed on the trampoline at a time  
  • Jumpers are given five minutes on the trampoline and lifeguards will call them in. If there is no 
           line up, longer turns are given. 
  • No water shoes are allowed on the trampoline  
  • We recommend you do not wear glasses while using the water trampoline, it is at your own risk of 
           loss or damage if you elect to wear them
  • Everyone must wear a lifejacket on the trampoline.