Rules of Use for Whitewater Zip Line

Rules of Use for Whitewater Zip Line
1. Zip Line Guides and staff must be obeyed at all times. Your safety is important to us and the Guides are responsible for the safety of all of our guests. 

2. Wristbands are issued to all paid Zip Line guests and must be worn for the duration of your ride. Failure to comply with the safety regulations, endangering self or others, may result in the removal of the band and denial of activities. 

3. Pregnant Women are NOT allowed on the Zip Lines.

4. Heart Patients are NOT allowed on Zip Lines.

5. Waiver/Risk Assumption must be completed prior to access to Zip Lines.

6. Minimum weight is 75 pounds and Maximum weight is 250 pounds.

7. Minimum Age is 9.

8. Minimum rider height is 42 inches. Maximum rider height is 7 feet.

9. Only White Water Zip Line equipment is permitted on the course.

10. Closed toe footwear required - no flip flops or bare feet.

11. Harnesses must remain snug at all times.

12. Earrings and naval piercing objects should be removed.

13. Riders must not carry anything that may fall on boaters below.

14. If Zip Lines are closed for an extended period then vouchers will be issued 

15. No participation is permitted while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

16. Unsafe behavior, horseplay, rowdiness not permitted.

17. All riders must satisfactorily complete the practice zip line course.

18. No Smoking is permitted anywhere along the Zip Line adventure course.

19. Patrons may leave the course on foot - no refunds or vouchers will be issued.

20. Long hair must be tied or fastened under helmet